About Harry

I started this wild ride of exhibiting, selling photographs and working as a photographer in 2007.  But, of course, the journey started much before then.  Somewhere back in the 70's, a anonymous student photographer from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida showed me the magic of photography by simply taking my picture.  

She followed that up by giving me the prints a few days later.  I was 7 years old at the time and it was more than a big deal to me.  I still have the prints.  I was forever inspired by her photography and her sweet humanity.  Though her identity has eluded me all these years, her inspiration and generosity has not.

Since then, I have worked with Interior Designers, Collectors, Artists, Musicians, Teachers, Trainers, Yogi's, Painters, including the Culinary Arts.  A special Limited Color Edition of North Florida Wild was made for the Medical Arts to bring a natural healing energy to Patients, Doctors & Staff to a medical clinic in Chicago.


A lot can happen in the time it takes to make one photograph.  Everything in the video is part of the image below.  Exposure time 8 minutes.

And this one on Magnolia Avenue. 

All the above...for the shot below.  It's hard to not see the motion after the video reveals it.

I love to collaborate with other Artists...and Educators.  Watch and learn, courtesy Dr. Kenn Gartner and Tara O'Brien.

Here is my collaboration with Feona Lee Jones on her "Water for Notes' video.