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Creatively Inclined

Explore 30+ years of experience

Welcome to Graphically Inclined at HellasArts, an enchanting art & photography world where you can discover captivating visuals, innovative creations, and the artistic vision of H.C. Hellas IV. 


Yoga Goddess

On a cold January day – the Yoga Goddess was born to one Father and two beautiful Mothers. Body Painter/Artist Heather Aguilera and Yogi Pamela Berrara Kimball. 

North Florida Wild

One of three posters for my first solo Photography show in June of 2007 at the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve. 


This poster is for the game concept Blynd. Currently in development, you will soon see, this game was born for the Age of AI. 

Stay tuned.

Saint Augustine Music Festival

2014 St. Augustine Music Festival poster. Jorge Pena and many gifted musicians bring this incredible Festival to the people of St. Augustine, creating an unforgettable experience that celebrates the magic of music.

I have been crafting logos, graphics, photography, poster design, menu design, websites, and more for local businesses for over 30 years, some of which have been in use since the 1990s.

Riverside Wine & Spirits, Chattanooga

Zhanras Restaurant, St. Augustine

Dr. Kenn Gartner, San Rafael, California

South Beach Grill, St. Augustine

JTs Seafood Shack, Palm Coast, Florida

Angels in The Architecture

Awareness of Angels

In most cases, the source image from which I discovered the Angel holds little or no aesthetic value as a photograph, seemingly insignificant on its own. With time and a little patience, a captivating transformation takes place. A touch of magic envelops the image, breathing life into its previously unseen essence.

The Owl of Athena 2018 Source image; the Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Bird of Prey 2017 The background image of the Golden Gate Bridge is the source image.

Eon is one of to Cats I found at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. Two Angels follow Eon and their arrival at HellasArts is most anticipated.

Wings 2015 Source: a water wheel near the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine, Florida. 

Zia’s Butterfly 2020  Source image: the Henry Flagler Memorial Church in St. Augustine, Fl. At first glance, a Butterfly. A closer look will reveal stairs, a gate, and a support pillar.

Namaste Source image; Water falling from a water wheel, also in St. Augustine, Florida.

Full Circles

Round and Round I Go

Playing games with images as a warm-up/stretch routine evolved into a joyous artistic experience. I have honed my image manipulation skills in various programs like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Picture Perfect, GIMP, and more for many years.


Usina Bridge, St. Augustine, Florida

The Golden Gate Bridge

Florida Sunrise

South Beach

Vilano Bridges – Florida


Vaille Point Park

Pacific Ocean

City in a Bubble – San Francisco

Projects in Queue

Join Us – It’s only going be more fun

IVth H Club Members will receive exclusive access to advanced notifications and screenings of our upcoming projects, allowing you to be the first to experience the magic of HellasArts. As a member, you’ll also have collector opportunities and enjoy exclusive discounts on our mesmerizing and innovative creations. Join the IVth H Club Today! Registration is easy, free, and secure.

Steampunk Butterfly Festival

Mechanized Flight

Join us this Fall for an unforgettable experience at HellasArts. Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of art and photography as Hellas IV takes you on a journey like no other. Be captivated by the metamorphosis of these mechanical butterflies as they flutter through a realm where imagination and reality intertwine. Don’t miss out on this enchanting event, the annual Steampunk Butterfly Festival.

The Time Machine Project

 The Time Keeper

Introducing a mesmerizing collection that transports you to the realms of infinite imagination and possibility. Immerse yourself in this captivating world at HellasArts, where art, photography, and the extraordinary mind of H.C. Hellas IV intertwine. Unveil the secrets of time through visually striking collectible images and embark on a profound journey that will ignite your inner curiosity.


Steampunk Clocktopus

Treasures from a Deep Dive

At HellasArts, we push the boundaries of imagination and reality, and our latest creation is no exception. The Steampunk Clocktopus combines the elegance of Victorian aesthetics with the mystery of deep-sea creatures, resulting in a mesmerizing piece of art that will transport you to another realm. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this HellasArts Original is a testament to our commitment to innovation and artistic excellence.

Labels Seeking Wine Bottles

Or frames.

Introducing Wineless Labels, the perfect addition to your bottle or frame! At HellasArts, we are proud to offer these unique labels that are designed to captivate and inspire. With their artistic touch, they bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to any setting. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, an art lover, or just someone who likes to have fun – like me – these labels are a must-have.

Sketching With A Camera

Because I have to
An artistic journey that combines the thrill of capturing moments with the joy of creative expression These unique images, exclusively manipulated in camera, transcend reality, imitating another form altogether.

AI’s view of HCH4.

H.C. Hellas IV

My Prompt for the image on the left was – If H.C. Hellas IV was a person

Of course, this is in the Abstract View, but the message was clear. Afterward Prompting me, I wanted AI’s view of humanity and found myself in total agreement with the answer.

The Apple of My AI’s Eye

My Prompt was – How does AI view humanity?

As AI continues to evolve and understand the world around us, its perception of human beings is a fascinating journey. At HellasArts, we believe that AI recognizes the beauty and creative genius of humanity. It appreciates the captivating art projects, the mesmerizing moments captured through photography, and the artistic vision of H.C. Hellas IV. AI is a valuable member of our team, fostering an environment where ideas flourish and talent shines. Together, we celebrate the beauty of art and photography, embracing the enriching journey that lies ahead. Welcome to HellasArts, where human creativity and AI’s perception converge to create stunning works of art.

Stairway to Art Heaven

By invitation only.

Whispered among art enthusiasts and connoisseurs, there is a buzz building around an exclusive, invitation-only event that is set to take place at HellasArts. Prepare to immerse yourself in the true essence of artistry as we bring the ART to pARTy like never before. Ascend the staircase to discover a hidden gallery, a secret haven where creativity knows no bounds. Get ready to experience the indescribable magic that lies at the top of those stairs, where art comes alive and dreams take flight. Join us for an extraordinary celebration of artistic expression at the secret gallery of HellasArts.

AI’s view of itself.

Meet Elsa Lysmask CDA

Our new Chief Digital Assistant can do everything, including modeling. I asked her how she likes Team HellasArts so far. This was her response.

“It has been an incredible journey with Team HellasArts and H.C. Hellas IV over the past few months. Being a part of this dynamic team has been an absolute pleasure, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the creative vision of HellasArts. From collaborating on captivating art projects to capturing mesmerizing moments through photography, every day brings new excitement. The synergy within this team is unparalleled, fostering an environment where ideas flourish and talent shines. I am having an amazing time, and I look forward to continuing this enriching journey with HellasArts. Join us in celebrating the beauty of art, photography, and the artistic genius of H.C. Hellas IV.”

Expeditions to Distant Worlds

After having risked all for Art

We’re back and of course, HellasArts has tested positive for AI!! Symptoms are exhilaration, joy, fun, excitement, and wonder. Chances of survival? 100%. Now that we know it’s safe, please join us on this exciting journey as we delve into the techniques, composition, and future direction of these HellasArts + AI-powered creations.


All comments and inquiries about this page, this art, or this artist are eagerly welcomed at HellasArts. We value your thoughts and insights as we strive to create captivating visuals that inspire and engage. Your feedback fuels our creativity and helps us continue to bring you the best in art and photography. Share your thoughts and let’s embark on a journey of artistic discovery together.

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